OUR SERVICES Security Guard

Toyo has a team of over 150 professional Security Guards. We provide strong and committed support to meet your requirements. 

Qualifications and Licences:
Security Company Licence I and III which are issued by the "Security & Guarding Services Industry Authority" under "Security & Guarding Service Ordinance (Cap. 460)".
Hong Kong Arms and Ammunition Licence which is issued by "Hong Kong Police Force" under "Firearms and Ammunition Ordinance (Cap. 238)".
Quality Assurance:
All security guards should go through thorough Pre-Employment Background Check.
2. All comprehensive training programs for our security guards should match the Law "Cap.460-Security and Guarding Services Ordinance".
3. All security guards should achieve 6-months on-Site Refreshment Training Period.
4. All security guards should hold valid security permit.
5. All clients & security guards should be accessible to the 24-hours Security Control Service Center.
6. Security Officers/Managers should arrive at the scene immediately for investigation in case of emergency.
7. To ensure safety and enhance communication, the day shift should report to the Security Control Center by phone every 4-hour; the night shift should report every 2-hour instead. All incoming calls should be recorded accordingly.